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We want to work with you to celebrate the success of local businesspeople who make a tangible difference!
Vanessa Brown

Vanessa Brown


Born into a business family with a Scottish father and a Russian-born mother, Vanessa's story is a testament to her early entrepreneurial passion and commitment to the world of business.

Her academic pursuits led her to Herriot Watt University in Edinburgh, where she earned an MA (Hons) in Business Management with Enterprise. Vanessa's thirst for knowledge and her desire to broaden her horizons led her to the university's Dubai campus and on placements in the bustling metropolises of New York and London. These experiences not only shaped her understanding of diverse cultures but also honed her ability to tackle challenges head-on.

She not only oversees the successful management of her own medical clinic but also serves as the UK and Ireland Sales and Operations Manager for Erchonia, a prominent American company who are the world leaders in low level lasers manufactures. Her work takes her across the globe, where she manages international sales teams and contributes to the growth of this industry giant.

Vanessa's expertise and achievements have earned her a place as a sought-after speaker at international professional shows in prestigious locations such as Monaco, Dubai, and London. Her talks revolve around the secrets of successfully running medical aesthetics clinics, a testament to her leadership in the field.

Beyond her accomplishments in the business world, Vanessa is deeply involved in charitable organizations, both in Africa and the UK.

Her passion is to recognize the best in people and businesses and her love of Carlisle led her to join forces with Lana and Carol to showcase what the city has to offer!

Lana Brown

Lana Brown


Lana's journey, a thrilling odyssey from the heart of the USSR to her dazzling emergence as a successful businesswoman in the United Kingdom, reads like a script from the world of James Bond—a tale of intrigue, sophistication, and audacious success. A hard childhood, a dangerous political career involving dealings with the KGB, working with governmental ministries in the former USSR and liaising with their counterparts in the UK and Scandinavia was followed by her move to the UK and many years of entrepreneurship in the West.

Lana's academic journey began at Minsk University, at the time when the Russian lexicon was just beginning to embrace concepts like "free enterprise," "business," and "free thinking. Remarkably, at the age of 22, she was appointed as an executive responsible for political education across the region's schools and colleges. Simultaneously, Lana became a key player within the democratic movement during the era of "perestroika", championing the transformation and economic changes in Russia and the audacious endeavours of young entrepreneurs in the growing private sector.

In 1991, Lana embarked on a new chapter having married a Scotsman and moved to the UK. Initially, she operated as a freelance interpreter for prestigious organizations like DTI, Oxford College of Petroleum Studies, and British Gas, undertaking high-stakes projects with government agencies of the highest calibre. Soon, she seized the opportunity to establish her own enterprise, "Vibralife Wellness Ltd," nestled in the heart of Carlisle.

Beyond her epic journey, Lana is a best-selling author in collaboration with the world-renowned business guru Brian Tracy, sharing her wisdom on health, life, wealth, and the high-stakes world of business success. Yet, Lana's true calling is a mission that mirrors the spirit of James Bond himself—empowering individuals to unleash their full potential, regardless of the obstacles they face.

Carol Milnes

Carol Milnes


In the vibrant tapestry of Carlisle, Carol Milnes stands as a remarkable figure—a living embodiment of strength, compassion, and multifaceted success. Beyond her role as an accomplished businesswoman, she seamlessly weaves the threads of motherhood and community leadership into her life's fabric.

With a creative mind and a vast network of contacts, Carol has excelled in the world of event management, leaving her unique mark on countless endeavours. Her ability to connect people, a true gift, has forged bonds and fostered collaborations that enrich both personal and professional spheres.

Rooted in a family of leaders, including her mother and uncle who served as Mayors of Carlisle, Carol carries the torch of community service with warmth and dedication. Her fun-loving spirit and warm heart make her a cherished figure in the lives of those fortunate enough to know her.

As a community pillar, Carol has lent her expertise to numerous projects, enhancing local businesses, and contributing to the Mayor of Carlisle Charity Committee's success in raising substantial funds. Her work impact extends to organizations like University of Cumbria as a lecturer & setting up the “Flood Recovery Centre”, Carlisle United Football Club, CFM Radio, Cancer Research UK, the Roy Castle Foundation, and Border Television/Granada TV in addition to CA Events in later years. In her endeavours help raise £1.2m to provide a cancer scanner for the Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle, Carol has showcased the incredible power of her community-focused spirit.

Carol Milnes is not just a businesswoman; she's an exceptional mother and a cornerstone of her community. Her life's story is a testament to the harmonious fusion of family, entrepreneurship, and community service—a true inspiration for all who are fortunate to cross her path.

Your support is invaluable Vanessa, Lana & Carol x